How to Participate

participate 2

There are several way you can support the efforts of the West Kelowna Trail Crew Society – from becoming a member, coming out to one of our events or helping out on maintenance days. Below are just a few ways on how you can participate.

  1. Join the West Kelowna Trail Crew Society (Register Here) ! All contributions over $20 receive a tax deductible receipt.
  2. Participate on organized trail maintenance days (major).
  3. Participate on organized “small party” maintenance days.
  4. Clear major, known obstructions, and report the removal to “the Society”.
  5. Clear manageable obstructions while on a ride/hike.
  6. Report any new major obstructions to “the Society”.
  7. Come out to one of our fun group rides where all proceeds go towards ongoing trail maintenance.
  8. All of the above !