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Great singletrack trails are not created from best wishes or by the wave of a magic wand. They are created via a process that involves hundreds of hours of walking through the forest (sometimes it feels aimless) looking for interesting features and curvatures of the landscape that then combine with the imaginations of the trail builder/designers to eventually, with much trial and error (too many to remember sometimes), blood (luckily not too much), sweat (way too much), blisters (too many of these also) and yes, tears, become the trails we love and enjoy today.  These great trails then continue to evolve through the dedication and ambition of all those who grip their hands onto the tools that help create and maintain them.

One of our primary goals at the WKTCS is to preserve the integrity of West Kelowna trails and continue to allow riders, new and old, to enjoy them with the same end-of-ride smiles that we’ve all experienced after a first ride on a new trail or the first time hitting that jump that scared the crap out of you. The idea behind our organization is to serve the trails first, cuz without them we’re just a bunch of people looking for somewhere fun to ride our bikes.  But we also want to connect the local community of trail users with the group of original trail-builders through a series of fun, volunteer trail maintenance parties and pass along some of their vision and passion to the next generation of trail builders that will carry the torch well into the future.  As long as there is a desire for us humans to escape the “Fake World”, even if it’s just a few hours, to experience the “Real World” in the forest, the WKTCS will have a purpose.

“If everyone volunteers for one Trail Day every season, you won’t believe how awesome the trails will be on all the other days when you get to ride your bike instead.  A bunch of small combined efforts can produce huge results and we’ve seen this first-hand on many occasions since the formation of our society.”


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