Growing up in the Okanagan, I spent my time riding, building, and filming unique features in the area. With a passion for adventure and adrenaline, I spent the past 13 years racing downhill mountain bikes internationally and working within the bike industry. Through my experiences, I gained valuable insight into MTB culture and its many facets, which helped me grow both personally and professionally.

When I’m not out riding or building, I’m a career firefighter for the city of West Kelowna. My work has given me a unique perspective on community engagement and promotion, and I believe that I have a lot to offer the community that has given me so much. As someone who has always been committed to pushing myself and achieving my goals, I’m excited about the prospect of using my experience and expertise to help WKTC progress and thrive. I look forward to contributing to the club’s continued success and creating new opportunities for the community to connect and grow.