New Trail Sections

Have you noticed?  The West Kelowna Trail Crew has been busy building new sections of trail.

Together, with the help from our volunteers, these are the new trail segments we’ve built.

  1. New start to the Holy Pail Climb from parking lot.  This the new “Go to” for starting your climb.
  2. New Finish to Dear Santa to parking lot.  Huge improvement, fun, definitely worth checking out.
  3. Re-Route of Kid-Dyno were it used to cross Holy Pail climb trail.
  4. Small re-alignment of Feel the Love near the car ride-thru on Holy Pail.  This was a blown-out section was not fixable.
  5. *Coming Soon* Re-Route on Holy Pail to bypass the steep, off camber, climb section near Feel The Love Trailhead.