-(un)Authorized Trail Building-
Smith Creek & Rose Valley


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The WKTCS has entered into a partnership agreement with Recreation Sites & Trails BC.

The Smith Creek and Rose Valley trail networks are now sanctioned, legal, trails protected by the BC Government

One of the responsibilities that comes with this partnership is the necessity to submit for approval any plans for new trails, trail re-routes, major trail modifications and construction of new TTFs (wood/rock/dirt features/drops/etc.) one year in advance.  Once approved, WKTCS completes the work the following year.

Any other non-authorized trail building within the networks is considered “Rogue Building” and it’s illegal.

The WKTCS are bound by our partnership agreement to decommission all rogue trail building efforts and return the area to it’s original state.
Rogue trail building has been discovered this season at both trail networks.   As a result, we have had to divert our efforts to remove rogue builds instead doing productive work to make the trails better for all of us.

If you have an idea for a new trail, new section of trail or a new TTF, please JOIN the WKTCS so you have a voice and then let us know what you have in mind, you can send your suggestions to us HERE .  We promise to consider your suggestions in our planning of the trail networks.  If your suggestions are good, and we can make them fit with our long term goals and plans, we will add them to our plan.

Thanks in advance for only building legal trails within our newly sanctioned networks.
-West Kelowna Trail Crew

P.S. If you want to develop your trail building skills, volunteer for the WKTCS trail days where you’ll be working with people that have taken their level 1 and level 2 trail building courses.  We also offer our members the option to take the level 1 and level 2 courses fully subsidized by WKTCS.  The courses run 2 full days on a Saturday/Sunday schedule and are typically offered every Spring in the Central Okanagan.